CORADIX Technology Consulting

Core competencies

In order to continually innovate an organization, you need to bring people to the table that are experts in their field, with the ability to converge the latest technology with business problems. CORADIX has established Core Competencies to assist our clients with developing practical IT solutions in a wide range of areas.

Analytics & Data Visualization AI / Machine Learning / Robotic Process Automation Cloud Solutions CRM / Case Management Cybersecurity Information Management Microsoft 365

Analytics & Data Visualization

Analytics and Data Visualization have become a vital part of the executive decision-making process as the sheer volume of data available grows exponentially. While the information buried inside data analytics becomes increasingly valuable, data visualization technology makes it possible for the knowledge worker to consume this vast amount of data, and turn it into usable information.

CORADIX can help you build the type of analytics ecosystem that is necessary to enable the capture, synthesis, storage, and consumption of vast data sources.