CORADIX Technology Consulting

Core competencies

In order to continually innovate an organization, you need to bring people to the table that are experts in their field, with the ability to converge the latest technology with business problems. CORADIX has established Core Competencies to assist our clients with developing practical IT solutions in a wide range of areas.

Analytics & Data Visualization AI / Machine Learning / Robotic Process Automation Cloud Solutions CRM / Case Management Cybersecurity Information Management Microsoft 365

AI / Machine Learning / Robotic Process Automation

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has taken the business world by storm. AI, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation applications are revolutionizing the way we tackle business problems and creating new opportunities to innovate and improve business activity across the entire value chain. AI’s ubiquity is not a question of “if” but “when”. It’s hard to imagine an industry or organization, private or public, which does not stand to benefit from the productivity gains and business insight derived from the effective use of intelligent and automated AI systems.

CORADIX will help you establish a pragmatic approach to synthesizing your real-life business problems and implementing applications of AI solutions in support of your corporate objectives.