CORADIX Technology Consulting

Core competencies

In order to continually innovate an organization, you need to bring people to the table that are experts in their field, with the ability to converge the latest technology with business problems. CORADIX has established Core Competencies to assist our clients with developing practical IT solutions in a wide range of areas.

Analytics & Data Visualization AI / Machine Learning / Robotic Process Automation Cloud Solutions CRM / Case Management Cybersecurity Information Management Microsoft 365


CORADIX has been offering a wide range of security services since 1995. At the outset we were a key player in the establishment of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) project for the Canadian Federal Government. Since then, CORADIX has provided its clients with a variety of security solutions from a tactical point of view – from addressing specific security concerns, to dealing with the integration of security in information management systems.

Satisfying the voracious demand for information by users – while maintaining compliance with information access and privacy legislation requires a continuum of security policy development and consequently, many implementation challenges. CORADIX can help your organization prioritize where to use its resources in a practical approach to minimizing your exposure, and create a business continuity plan that prepares your enterprise should a cyber-attack materialize. We can also help with many of the business transformation issues that are evolving in an information centric organization that is trying to maintain a practical security strategy.