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Systems Development

CORADIX has successfully delivered a wide range of customized software applications using both Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Responsible for the complete System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), we have built systems using front-end tools from Oracle and Microsoft, as well as Java, Cold Fusion, and IBM WebSphere products.

We are experienced in the use of a variety of CASE tools and leading edge software engineering methodologies, and/or can adapt to our clients’ internal methods. Regardless of the methodology, CORADIX adheres to industry standard best practices.

At the beginning of a project, CORADIX implements formal procedures commensurate with the level of complexity of the undertaking. We understand that a very simple tasking will require a minimum level of quality assurance, while a complex tasking requires a complex process that may include:

  • A formal Project Charter that documents the mission statement for the project, the major milestones, and deliverables. The Project Charter is a key element in allowing management from both parties to refer to a very concrete baseline for the success of the project
  • Progress Reporting to keep all parties informed of the project status and to identify any issues that should arise
  • A Change Management System agreed upon by all parties in order to manage the scope of the project
  • A Quality Management plan provides the best practices required to ensure a high quality product
  • A Risk Management plan that identifies potential problems, mitigation strategies, and contingency plans

All the above documents are organized in a project log file, with proper version control, as a central point of control for the Project Management team.