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Management Consulting

Our goal is to assist clients to better achieve their corporate mandates through the effective utilization of information systems. CORADIX focuses on business needs – technology is a means to an end, and not the end itself. We deliver practical and effective solutions that support organizational goals and provide measurable business benefits.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Strategic Planning: CORADIX will help with the alignment of the information system goals to business goals and the development of pragmatic tactical plans to achieve clearly defined deliverables and results.
  • Project Management Office: Experienced and certified project managers and project support specialists utilize state-of-the-art project management practices to ensure that projects meet their predetermined objectives.
  • Feasibility Studies: Organizational decisions will have long-reaching consequences. CORADIX helps clients to make the right decisions and to understand the impacts and ramifications of these decisions.
  • Change Realization/Business Transformation: Organizations must continually move forward to meet changing conditions and new developments. However, change must be handled sensitively and knowledgeably in order to ensure that it is a pleasant experience for all those involved. There is no point investing in a new system if the stakeholders do not use it to its full advantage. CORADIX personnel have assisted numerous organizations to effectively implement productive changes in a positive rewarding manner.
  • Quality Management: CORADIX can assist an organization to implement a quality culture that will assist in the avoidance of defects in products and services, one that will be subject to a continuous improvement process. Unlike quality testing, the idea is to prevent defects as opposed to measuring them.
  • Risk Management: Pro-active identification and management of risks significantly enhances an organization’s – whether a project team or a whole department – ability to deal with unexpected circumstances and to continue to meet business objectives.
  • Operational Reviews: Many organizations make large investments in information systems often without achieving their full benefits. CORADIX specializes in operational reviews that identify inefficiencies, increase effectiveness, and streamline business systems.

The value-add of hiring a management consultant from CORADIX is knowing that you are hiring the skills and experience of the entire company. All projects are enhanced by quality management techniques such as peer reviews and the assistance of a Senior Advisory Board.