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Application Support

CORADIX has experience with hundreds of projects involving the maintenance, support and enhancement of database applications and network infrastructures. We have successfully delivered consistent quality to small and large implementations. CORADIX has consulted on a wide range of infrastructure support projects including the planning, migration and deployment of network operating systems and their ancillary supporting products. When performing outsourcing projects, CORADIX incorporates industry standard best practices into our clients’ operations.

Support contracts enjoy the benefit of many years of CORADIX experience. Our Continuous Improvement Process is aimed at continually increasing the quality of our services and the overall well-being of our consultants. CORADIX’ comprehensive strategy includes many proactive measures that allow us to react to a variety of unforeseen events, thereby reducing the risk to our client projects.

Our experience includes the maintenance and support of large enterprise databases on mainframes, client-server and web-based architectures. These customized and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications include Data Warehouse/BI, Document and Records Management Systems, and diverse custom-built mission critical applications.

Oracle Database Services

With a wide range of talent covering all facets of the system development lifecycle, CORADIX is capable of advising our clients on all aspects of designing, developing, implementing and supporting all shapes and sizes of Oracle relational database systems. While keeping a watchful eye on the business drivers of each database application, CORADIX brings the right balance of technological and business acumen that returns the most value to our clients.

Our professionals draw on many years of industry experience to proactively monitor client systems and make recommendations that will improve and streamline the management of Oracle database environments.

CORADIX’ Database Services deliver expertise in the following areas:

  • Site Survey
  • Database administration (DBA) support on or off-site, full-time and part-time
  • Specialized server/application tuning and optimization
  • Software upgrade & installation services
  • Database migration services
  • Application deployment
  • Resource contingency planning
  • Mentoring program
  • Outsource planning
  • Application development

Microsoft Technologies

With Microsoft’s ever increasing number of products, our clients face a challenge to keep up with the wide variety of software solutions and their integration with the myriad of other customized and commercial applications installed at their sites. CORADIX consistently reminds our clients of the importance to focus on the business requirements that drive the need to implement new software offerings – no matter how technically advanced they may appear. It is this pragmatic view of our clients’ needs that gives CORADIX the confidence to lever these technologies into positive organizational change.

CORADIX delivers specialized services in the Microsoft technology domain that in the following areas:

  • Microsoft .NET web, web services and distributed application development
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • MS/SQL Server development and support
  • Microsoft Exchange architecture, implementation and support
  • Visual Basic and MS Access development
  • NT Network operating system migration, implementation and support
  • Microsoft IIS implementation and support

CORADIX delivers all our services with a dynamic and flexible approach.

With a broad range of technical and managerial skills, CORADIX is well-qualified to scope out and diagnose problems, requirements and recommend the optimal approach to any Microsoft technology.

Java/Enterprise Edition

CORADIX has been involved in a wide range of JAVA projects covering diverse applications since the early days of the internet’s explosive growth. Our consultants have experience in all industry-standard Java development environments, and many of their associated tools.

Our experience in the Java domain includes the peripheral activities associated with web based projects such as the adoption and implementation of leading methodologies like the Rational Unified Process (RUP), and the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

CORADIX has industry experts available to assist in development of application architectures, programming standards, as well as mentoring in many different aspects of using Java based tools and technologies.

Web 2.0

In the short period since the internet gained mainstream adoption, it has proven to be a quickly evolving medium; giving rise to new technologies and modes of communication and information sharing. Early impacts on the enterprise have included adjusting to new forms of networked communication, digital information sharing, and trends such as e-Business.

Continued evolution in these technologies (and associated user behaviour) has led to an explosion of web-based applications for communication and information sharing, popularly referred to under the umbrella term of “Web 2.0”. Organizations are now confronted with a host of new user trends and application buzzwords such as “virtual communities of practice”, “wikis”, and “blogs”.

Understanding these new web technologies and trends, finding opportunities to exploit them for internal efficiencies, and navigating the options available for their use, presents a new set of challenges. In public sector organizations, such challenges can be further compounded by a unique set of constraints and risks in application deployment, information storage, and access.

CORADIX offers a suite of strategic, advisory, and technical services to help public sector organizations understand these new trends and technologies and effectively integrate them into their organizations.
Services include:

  • Briefings on new technology trends, implications, and risks
  • Best practice audits of internal communication and information sharing practices
  • Strategic recommendations for integration of new Web 2.0 applications
  • Design and implementation of pilot Web 2.0 initiatives or help with increasing the effectiveness of existing deployments
  • Technical modification and customization of open-source applications to suit business needs and infrastructure requirements

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