CORADIX Helps Transport Canada Win at GTEC

Date posted: Dec 19 2014

CORADIX is proud to have played its part in helping Transport Canada win the 2009 GTEC Distinction Award Medal for Internal Business Operations.  The first of its kind in the federal government, Human Resources Services Request (HRSR) is an automated, self-service application that enables HR personnel and authorized departmental managers to quickly, thoroughly and easily capture, track and monitor staffing and classification requests. In doing so, HRSR not only accelerates and improves the request process, but also enables Transport Canada to meet the standards and fulfill the requirements of modern public service employment as laid down in the Public Service Modernization Act and the Public Service Employment Act. The most vivid expression in the federal government of these new standards and approaches in practice, HRSR also leverages existing legacy systems investments at Transport Canada by serving as the new, user-friendly gateway to Transport Canada’s full suite of HR information management systems, including human resources, organizational charts and official languages.